UH Candidate Forum Tonight!

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Please join us for the League of Women Voters University Heights Candidate Forum, starts at 7:00pm https://youtu.be/1ZCnnKSZ04o Forum video begins at 33:21 League of Women Voters of Greater Cleveland https://my.lwv.org/ohio/greater-cleveland/event/candidate-forum-university-heights-mayor-and-city-council?fbclid=IwAR1t_XmmQDeUoxSFNE0xnh-GRdn2-Tjs-lwrkAD8oBPuEFf4P9Er4ByFtUM#.YVXck_EHihs.facebook


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Voter turnout

Well done, UH Voters! 36% turnout as polls close! Thanks to everyone who voted in this election.